Learning From A Distance With Merhav

Rafi Ellenson
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Merhav was a project in the summer of 2020 to push the boundaries of online and distance education. In Hebrew, Merhav means spaciousness as well as a figurative and literal space. Our educators experiment with both the digital and analog worlds to find the best and most creative ways forward in Jewish education for during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

In this guidebook you will find...

* Best practices for learning on Zoom!

* Best practices for learning from faraway that are not on Zoom!

* How to lead text study most effectively!

* How to best prepare yourself as an educator before teaching on Zoom!

* How to engage the full self - mind and body - while learning at a computer!

* How to recruit and keep people invested in a class even while far away!

...and so much more!

Written by The Merhav Team

Designed by Rachel Glazer 

Illustrated by Rena Yehuda Newman

Edited by Rafi Ellenson

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  • One PDF of Distance Learning Tips!

  • Size
    8.46 MB
  • Length
    34 pages
  • One PDF of Distance Learning Tips!
  • Size8.46 MB
  • Length34 pages


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Learning From A Distance With Merhav

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